Stratege stratege feast, ingenuity to sail again! The world Expo 2020 opens today

On August 31, the “2020 World Environmental Protection Expo”, a unique platform of the World Environmental Protection Expo, was officially launched at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition by the Dutch Amsterdam RAI international conference and exhibition center, Shanghai lotus, convention and exhibition co., LTD., All-China environment federation, the China film industry association, China instruments industry association, to the traditional municipal and industrial environmental protection and the integration of environmental comprehensive control and environmental wisdom, make industry influential trade platform

As annual extravaganza of environmental protection industry, although after the outbreak of twists and turns, but in the condensed the industry in the numerous enterprises and determination, after 2020 the ring will bring the industry audience the display area of 20 square meters, covers the Shanghai international my, Shanghai international exhibition of pump valve, Shanghai, Shanghai international exhibition, solid waste, environmental wisdom exhibition, Shanghai international air fresh air show, Shanghai international building my, Shanghai international comfortable home seven exhibition theme, gather all 2500 exhibitors with high quality, 70,000 exhibits show the cutting-edge technologies and industry trends in the fields of sewage treatment, membrane and treatment equipment, water purification equipment, pump, valve and water supply equipment, solid waste disposal, waste gas treatment, intelligent environmental protection, environmental monitoring, air purification, building water supply and drainage equipment, and comfortable thermal energy in an all-round and multi-angle manner. Our ingenuity will not change, and we will see more splendor in the 2020 World Ring.

Post time: Sep-02-2020